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Blue Heeler Puppies for sale

Blue Heeler Puppies for sale

Blue Heeler Puppies for saleBlue Heeler Puppies for sale


Female Blue Heeler

Blue Heeler Breeder

Squaw is a beautiful three year old blue heeler, Australian cattle working farm hand. She has proven to be very true to her legacy of cattle working origin.  She is attentive, intelligent, diligent and gentle and loving. She loves people, is good with children, and is eager to please; she is truly fun to work with.  As a blue heeler breeder we plan her  litters carefully and she loves being a mom! 


Male Blue Heeler Sire In Farm Yard

Smokey - AKC champion pedigree

Smokey is a handsome 3 year old, blue heeler / australian cattle dog. He is large boned and has a stately conformation and beautiful color and markings. He is a family guard and protector, intelligent, loyal, and loving. He is good with cattle, horses, goats, sheep and chickens. As a blue heeler breeder we strive to keep our dogs in the best shape physically mentally and socially on the farm. 

Blue Heeler Family 2018

Blue Heeler Mom with Puppies

Birth Story

 As a blue heeler breeder we are excited to announce  the arrival of Squaw and Smokey's addition of 4 to their family. Beautiful quadruplets, 2 boys (Dakota, and Domingo, and 2 girls Diamond and Denali, these cuddly bundles arrived throughout the evening. We are very pleased with the parenting job Squaw is doing. These babies are well cared for by their cattle working mom. While continuing her job, part time, as a farm hand she is proving also to be an excellent mother.  

  Squaw took the day off seeming to be uncomfortable and insisted on “nesting” in the barn in a feed trough. We accommodated her by supplementing her nest with a soft clean blanket which she did not refuse. Upon their arrival, Squaw was immediately proud and protective of her children. At the slightest squeak she is attending. She is an excellent farm hand and is good with cattle, goats, sheep, and chickens. Together she and Smokey know where everyone is supposed to be and tries to keep them in their places. When they are not busy working, they love to be petted and played with by their human family of 6 children that keep them well loved. Whether a lively game of fetch, hide-n-seek, a hike in the woods or down by the creek, reading a book, or a nap under a shade tree, Squaw and Smokey are along for the adventure. 

These are exceptional blue heeler puppies, AKC top quality champion pedigree, Australian Cattle Dogs. Guaranteed show quality. Whether you are looking for a good farm hand, active companion, or a champion to win points at the show these are the blue heelers you have been looking for. They are healthy, happy, and growing nicely.  

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