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Registered Blue Heeler Puppies for sale 6606512700

Blue Heeler Puppies for sale

Blue Heeler Puppies for sale

Blue Heeler Puppies for saleBlue Heeler Puppies for sale

Reserve your blue heeler puppy!

How to reserve your puppy

1. Contact us via phone or email

 We will send you a contract and Best puppy match survey 

2.   Return  signed contract, and reservation payment. 

For your convenience we  take PayPal and Venmo payments, as well as check, cashiers check or money order.

3. If you are close enough, you may wish to set up an appointment to meet our AKC registered blue heeler puppies after 4 weeks of age.

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 These are exceptional top quality blue bloodlines.  Whether you are looking for a good farm hand, active companion, or a champion to win at the show these are the ones you have been looking for. They are healthy, happy, and growing nicely. Currently taking deposits and setting up for a farm visit day, if you live close enough. If not we are glad to take more pictures of your baby as he/she grows and keep you informed.  These puppies are truly a strong conformation, they are warm and cuddly, incredibly beautiful, champion bloodline, AKC registered. Reserve your puppy today. 

Blue Heeler Puppies playing in the yard

Blue Heeler Puppies playing in the yard

About Us

Our Philosophy

  Our blue heeler puppies are Champion Pedigree AKC registered  Australian Cattle dogs. They are  extended members of our family , living in harmony with mutual respect, meeting each others needs and expectations.  These heelers are NOT kennel dogs!!  We believe in establishing a loving but firm alpha relationship with each blue heeler puppy. Training begins at birth, we play, talk to, pet and cuddle these babies from day one. They are bonded with people and also learn many needed life lessons from their mom and siblings. Continuing this bonded training will bring about a happy rewarding lifetime of enjoyment. We practice careful planning to breed healthy and sound blue heeler puppies that are raised on our farm. Protecting the wonderful pedigrees that the breeders we received our foundation dogs from have entrusted to us is very important to us.  Australian cattle dogs are not for everyone. They must have room to run and exercise outdoors daily, with  positive mental stimulation, such as a game or a job.  Classical music is also a positive brain growth and development tool that stimulates mental activity and learning as well as relaxation and satisfaction.   It is important to us that individuals that we build a relationship with through our dogs hold the same commitment to their dogs that we do with ours. 

Check out our heeler puppies, contact us for more information or to reserve your puppy.